For in-house products
Enjoy $20 off every pair of spectacles purchased (minimum spend $75) and additional 20% discount when you spend $150 or more for the same pair.*

For branded ophthalmic lenses
Get 20% off all branded ophthalmic lenses in-store (minimum spend $150) and receive a free frame (worth up to $105) with every pair of brand lenses purchased.

Note: Education discounts are only available in-store and are non-transferable. Please produce your student identification for verification purposes. sightonomy reserves the right to not extend the offer in the event that the verification cannot be done. Education discounts cannot be used in conjunction with myopia management programmes or other ongoing promotions.

* For in-house products, the additional 20% discount will be applied on the residual value after the initial $20 discount is applied. For example, if the original purchase price is $150:
$150 - $20 = $130, then $130 less 20% = $104 (final price)

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