Best Glasses For
Your Face Shape

Finding a pair of glasses that can match your personal style and serve its function well may not be as straightforward. While there are many factors to consider such as fitting, colour and size, understanding your facial shape can help guide you to that pair of perfect glasses for you.

A flattering pair of glasses can serve to highlight your best features or blend in naturally with your face to achieve a well-balanced look.

Before we take a closer look at some of the common facial shapes and the frames that we recommend for them, do keep in mind that these are optional. These tips should be taken only as a guide, not a rule. Your personal style and a comfortable frame fit is more important than finding one that matches your facial shape.

Understanding Different Face Shapes

Round Face Shape

Round faces are equally wide on the forehead and the jaw, and the face is about as long as it is wide. The full curvy cheeks and smooth lines add to the overall softness of the face.

Add more definition to the face by choosing frames with bold elements such as thick browlines or sharp corners. Drawing attention to the eyes with these elements can make the face appear smaller as well.

Frames for round face shape: Rectangle glasses, square glasses, cat-eye glasses and browline glasses

Oval Face Shape

A gentle narrowing at the forehead and chin with a slightly wider cheekbone, oval faces are proportionally balanced. Oval faces can be up to twice as long as it is wide.

While most frames will suit oval faces, go for frames that are wider to balance out the length of the face. Consider going for edgier frames if you wan to add more structure to those subtle facial curves.

Frames for oval face shape: Rectangle glasses, round glasses or aviator glasses

Heart Face Shape

A heart-shaped face typically has a broader forehead and high cheekbones paired with a narrower chin.

Rounded frames help to soften the angular features of a heart-shaped face. Opt for frames that are slightly wider than the forehead for a more balance proportion.

Frames for heart face shape: Rectangle glasses, round glasses or aviator glasses

Triangle Face Shape 

Triangular faces have a broader jawline that narrows as it move towards the forehead. The cheekbones are not as prominent.

Going for frames that place more emphasis on the top than the bottom can bring about more balance to the broad jawline and add more volume to a narrow forehead.

Frames for triangle face shape: Aviator glasses, browline glasses, cat-eye glasses, rectangle or oval glasses

Square Face Shape

Strong, angular lines define square faces. The foreheads, cheekbones and jawlines are almost equally wide.

Frames that are wider than your cheekbones can help to complement your strong jawline. These frames should be on the thinner side and include some curves to add softness and balance to square faces.

Frames for square face shape: Round or oval glasses

Diamond Face Shape

Not as common as the other face shapes, diamond faces are characterised by their wide and defined cheekbones, with a narrowing forehead and an angular jawline.

Round or oval glasses work well to balance the angular features on a diamond face. Ladies can consider cat-eye frames to draw more attention to the eyes. Similarly, men can opt for browline glasses for the same effect.

Frames for diamond face shape: Round or oval glasses, cat-eye glasses or browline glasses

Facial Shape Is Not The Only Consideration 


Besides looking for a pair of glasses that look good on you, comfort should be the most important factor that you should consider. You would probably want to make sure that your glasses fit you comfortably if you were to wear them for the whole day.

Picking a pair of glasses that fit well will also ensure that you do not have problems with vision correction. If your glasses keep slipping down, you may be viewing at things out of focus and this will be a major issue with progressive glasses.

Our nose bridge plays an important role in how our glasses fit. For those with low nose bridges, you may want to consider frames with a low bridge fit (or "Asian fit") or those with nose pads that can be adjusted accordingly.

Skin Tones

Skin tones don't always refer to skin colour, but more of the undertones. In general, wearing a pair of glasses that complement your undertone is better than one that conflicts it. For those with warmer tones, it will be a better idea to go with warm-coloured glasses than cool coloured glasses, and vice versa.

Warm Tones
Skins with warm tones usually carry a golden, yellow, peachy or even green undertones. Pairs well with complementary warm colours such as brown, gold, green, orange, yellow, red, tortoiseshell and clear frames.

Cool Tones
Skins with cooler tones typically have either a blue or pinkish hue. Go for frames with similar cool tones like blue, pink, silver, grey, purple, black and even tortoiseshell.

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