Measuring Your Frame Size

Measuring Your Frame Size

Finding the right frame size is an important part when buying a pair of glasses, and it is easy to get the measurements. Here’s what you need to know when looking for your eyeglasses and sunglasses frame measurements.

What Do I Need To Measure?

Frame Width
Measures the horizontal width of the frame front from the furthest end to another, including any hinges or design that sticks out on the side.

Lens Width
Measures the horizontal width of one lens at its widest point

Lens Height
Measures the vertical height of the lens at its tallest point.

Measures the distance between the two lenses.

Temple Length
Measures the length of the temple arm from the hinge where the arm connects in the front to the spot where the arm starts to bend down around the ear. Next, measure from the top of the bend to the end of the tip. The total temple arm length is the sum of these two measurements.

Reading Frame Sizes

Your glasses may have its measurements, which are commonly printed on the inside of the temple or behind the bridge. The measurements usually show three numbers, for example "52-17-135".

"52" is the lens width,  "17" is the bridge and "135" is the temple length.

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