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Lifestyle & Specialty Eyewear

We bring to you Beta-Simplicty, an eyewear brand proudly from Singapore. Beta-Simplicity's series of non-slip eyewear are designed for your specific lifestyle and needs, with emphasis on the stability and all-day wearing comfort for spectacle wearers. 

Lightweight, strong and flexible frames

Beta-Simplicity frames are made of high-quality materials to ensure exceptional wearing comfort, improve ease of handling and enhanced durability. The body is made from Swiss plastic materials which are lightweight, strong and flexible. The non-slip anchor tips are made from hypoallergenic materials which are soft to maximise wearing comfort.


VISION Eyewear

Minimalist Design with Functional Depth


Minimalist, universal design that uses advanced frame development to ensure a non-slip and painless fit. Lightweight, comfort and fit are the main features of Beta-Simplicity Vision eyewear. Go about your daily activities without the hassle of sliding glasses with Beta-Simplicity Vision eyewear.

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Level Up With Unobstructed All Round Field Of Vision


Unobstructed vision, VASAC is designed to give you a wide, all round field of vision so that you can look up through and not over the top of your lenses. Engineered, non-slip tip ensures that the frame sits properly on your nose without sliding. Recommended for pilots, leisure sports, non-contact sports and activities where unobstructed top vision is required.

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Taking On High Myopic Prescription Power Lenses


Weight and thickness are two unavoidable characteristics of high myopia power prescription lenses. Concav frames are designed and engineered specifically to address the challenges of using high myopia power prescription lenses. Particular attention is paid to the mechanics of our frames such that it can support the weight of the lenses without sliding down your nose. Concav allows you to wear your glasses with confidence.

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Looks Good In Office, Works Great At The Gym.


Combining 3D printing and injection molding technology to create this hybrid frame to give you the right temple length fit. A sporty half-rim look with the main body made of highly flexible, performance plastic. Curre, a truly ath-leisure frame that allows you to go straight from work to your workout without your glasses sliding down your nose.

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Enabling Precision in Myopia Control Lens


Myofit is designed based on understanding various myopia control lenses optical requirements. In Myofit, you will find our recommendation on the models for each myopia control lens design. Myopia can be controlled and with Myofit, you have the frame that complements the lenses for the best management outcome.

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