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Which Progressive Lenses Is Right For Me?

Choosing the right pair of progressives is not as daunting as one may have imagined it to be. When you come in for your appointment, we will discuss your needs and guide you through the available options. 

By understanding your prescription, lifestyle routine, personal habits and visual requirements, we are able to determine which lenses will suit you best.

There is no obligation to buy if you decide that progressive lenses are not for you.

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Progressive Lenses at sightonomy

We offer three types of progressives which caters to a wide range of the population. We will discuss these options with you during your visit to see which is best for you.

Standard -  Easy to adapt to with a good range and field of view for distance, intermediate and near. Good all-rounder that delivers exceptional value for its price.

Defino - Comes with a wider range and field of view for distance and intermediate vision. Near vision is also improved and adaptation is easier as compared to the standard range.

Primo - Delivers superior vision at all distances with wide field of view and minimal zones of soft focus. Primo lenses are the easiest to adapt to and offers the best viewing comfort among our range of progressive lenses.

Maestro - With advanced personalisation features that take into account one's lifestyle habits, frame design and wearing position, Maestro takes progressive lenses to the next level and delivers an exceptional lens wearing experience for ease of use and comfort.

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Branded Progressive Lenses

We also offer progressive lenses from most major lens manufacturers including:

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