Jill in Utopian Dawn


Carrying clean lines with simple curves, Jill is a classic panto shape which is as carefree as it looks. The well-balanced proportions make it a breeze to style with most face shapes. 

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Acetate temple tips
  • Silicone nosepads with an adjustable fit to suit most nose bridges
Lens Features

Every pair of spectacles purchased at Sightonomy comes standard with a pair of multi-coated plastic lenses with these awesome features:

- Anti-Reflective Coating
- Super-Hydrophobic Coating
- Scratch Resistance Treatment
- 100% UV Protection

Lens Options

Every pair of spectacles comes standard with a pair of Standard Lenses, which includes all the awesome lens features like the anti-reflective coating, super hydrophobic coating, scratch resistance treatment and UV protection.

Blue Filtering
These lenses help to minimize the amount of blue light that is emitted from our digital devices from reaching our eyes.

These lenses change from clear to a darker tint when exposed to the sun. Besides protecting your eyes from glare and UV, photochromic lenses make a great choice for those with an active outdoors lifestyle and do not wish to carry around multiple pairs of spectacles.

These lenses do not provide any vision correction (no degree).

Single Vision
These lenses corrects for only one field of vision, either distance, intermediate or near.

Progressive lenses combines your distance and reading prescriptions seamlessly into one lens. They allow you to see near, far and everything in between, These lenses do not have the distinct line in the middle unlike the bifocal lenses in the past. Available in-store only

These lenses includes the single vision portion of the regular lenses and an additional area at the bottom of the lenses. This area provides a subtle boost which may alleviate some eye strain due to long hours of near work. Available in-store only

Occupational lenses are similar to progressive lenses and offer seamless vision between close-up reading and anything within arm's length. These lenses bridge the gap between reading glasses and progressive lenses. Available in-store only

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